SHIFT Bench - White Wash

  • The SHIFT Table merges everyday living and working for the entrepreneurial nomad. When you want to switch quick and easily between work and personal surrounding but 'connected'.

    The design of the table oozes "authentic modernism" using subtle lines to create an array of hidden functions.
    Despite the increasing battery life of our notebooks, tablets and smart phones, it is still indispensable to keep them charging regularly, making those sloppy-looking cables unavoidable in your interior.

    The Shift Table helps you keep unattractive cables out of sight while your devices can stay within reach, safely and effortlessly recharging in their own hidden place.

    Delivery time:
     contact us for trade services 6-8 weeks

  • Material & Finish
    Solid oak, optional stained colours and finished in satin matt lacquer.


    Standard Dimensions
    Length: 150cm x Width: 40cm x Height: 46cm
    Length: 170cm x Width: 40cm x Height: 46cm
    Length: 190cm x Width: 40cm x Height: 46cm
    Length: 210cm x Width: 40cm x Height: 46cm

    Colour* options table:
    - Natural Top / Natural Side
    - Natural Top / White wash Side
    - Natural Top / Grey wash Side



    * tailored sizes and colour combinations are possible on request.

    Write your specification adjustment in the Special Instructions
    box during order processing and / or contact us for more info.

     Complete Shift Series Datasheet
    Product Datasheet
     Maintenance Wood

  • Shipping prices vary, they are calculated by the amount of your purchase and the country of your purchase destination. Shipping for this item is on request.

  • These items will be made specifically for you and therefore may take longer, about 6-8 weeks.

    For "On Demand" items we are unable to offer refunds or exchanges.
    This includes all on demand items as well as orders that have been placed into production as per the customer's individual specifications: eg. A specific finish or tailored dimension.

  • The Shift Table can be customized to specific finishes and tailored dimensions for your project.

    Tailored sizes and colour combinations are possible on request.
    Please contact us for more information regarding the possibilities.

    3D Files

     Product Datasheet
     Maintenance Wood

    For 3D files & Highress images please use the Professionals area

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