Craftmanship & Sustainability 

Spell has been devoted to good craftsmanship - whether executed in hand or utilising high-tech machinery and materials. We make timeless, innovative, beautiful furniture.
We draw on our experience in order to ensure that there is craftsmanship quality in the new types of furniture that we develop. At the same time, with our combined knowledge of craftsmanship and insight into modern furniture production, we are ensuring that there is no loss of quality when new technology takes the place of traditional methods.

Solid Wood

It forms the frame for a lot of our furniture. It ensures that the furniture is still stable after decades of use. To make certain that this remains the case, only solid oak wood from domestic forests is used for our table lines.



Premium Fabrics


Responsible Raw Materials

90% of Spell products are made in The Netherlands, with 10% made in the EU.
All parts are sourced locally and within the EU.








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