Wireless Charging

Our ways of living have changed, and so our environment needs to be transformed. 
Wireless technologies are at the very centre of the process, wireless power will be ubiquitous.

Over the last decade traditional phones have been rapidly replaced by smartphones that can never be missed. 
High-end mobiles with sleek and slim designs, enabled for high-tech wireless charging.

To never worry about empty batteries anymore.

Embedding invisible smart technologies

We’re ‘always Connected’: the demand for 
electricity at any possible time and location has increased significantly. 
At state-of-the-art offices, but also at existing workplaces 
in traditional office buildings.


New workplace design trends

Beautifully crafted and functional Spell design is most certainly moving 
along with the innovations of our time. With easy access to wireless power, 
we keep ourselves connected and our batteries charged. 
Wireless energy is becoming a basic need. 
Businesses respond by adopting smart features.

Spell furniture have already been equipped with specialized 
wireless power technology. Design Furniture no longer has one, 
but multiple functionalities, for example the Next side table which can 
also serve as a wireless charger.

Designing for designers

Custom furniture engineering for designers. 
Our approach to reach a new level in innovative design 
is trough co-creation.

Furniture & product design for smart offices, hospitality and home offices 
are a part of the services we provide.