Office        Hospitality       Public Space  


Architect: Quub Interior Concepts
Location:  Druten, The Netherlands



KA Office

Architect: Quub Interior Concepts
Location:  Woerden, The Netherlands



Architect: Heyligers design + projects
Location: Enschede & Wageningen, The Netherlands




Architect: Fokkema en Partners
Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands



Architect: Quub Interior Concepts
Location:  Arnhem, The Netherlands



Architect: OTH Architecten
Location: Arnhem, The Netherlands


Qserve Group

Architect: Quub Interior Concepts
Location: Arnhem, The Netherlands



Architect: Studio Groen + Schild
Location:  Enschede, The Netherlands


Bouwbedrijf van de Ven

Architect: TwoWork
Location:  Veghel, The Netherlands

Our reference list:

2020 NS Regio Office, Zwolle The Netherlands
2019 House of the City,
Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
2019 House of Eemnes, Eemnes, The Netherlands
2019 TechMed Centre UTwente, Enschede, The Netherlands                                                          
2019 Colliers International,
's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
2019 NS Regio Office, 
Nijmegen The Netherlands
2019 Servatus Asset Management,
s-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands
2019 Officenter, 
Leuven Belgium
2019 NS Regio Office, 
Utrecht The Netherlands
2019 KA Office, 
Woerden The Netherlands
2019 NS Regio Office, 
Eindhoven The Netherlands
2019 Officenter, 
Aalst Belgium
2019 BDO Gent, 
2019 Insurance Company, 
Central part of the The Netherlands
2019 Sereni, Various locations, Belgium
2019 TrendMiner 
Hasselt, Belgium
2018 EY (Ernst & Young) 
Arnhem, The Netherlands
2018 Artes Group HQ,
2018 Hanzehogeschool, Groningen, The Netherlands
2018 OffiCenter,
 Vilvoorde, Belgium
2018 Martin’s Hotel, Rentmeesterij
Bilzen, Belgium
2018 OffiCenter, Aartselaar, Belgium
2018 OffiCenter, 
Turnhout, Belgium
2018 VanderSandenGroup, Spouwen, Belgium
2018 Insurance Company, Central part of the The Netherlands
2018 Essent Headquarters, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands
2018 Rabobank, 
Hoogerheide, The Netherlands
2018 Rabobank Maas & Waal, 
Druten, The Netherlands
2017 Colliers International, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2017 Evers Soerjatin, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2017 Insurance Company, 
Central part of the The Netherlands
2017 Insurance Company, 
East part of the The Netherlands
2017 OffiCenter, 
Maastricht, The Netherlands
2017 Moneybird, The Netherlands
2017 The Provincial Government Building of Gelderland, 
Arnhem, The Netherlands
2017 OffiCenter,
Brussels, Belgium
2016 OffiCenter, GeelBelgium
2016 Robeco Headquarters,
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2016 Facebook Headquarters, San Francisco, United States
2016 Accor Hotel Group, Warsaw, Poland
2016 Oculus Headquarters, Washington, United States
2016 Rijnstate, Arnhem, The Netherlands
2015 Google Headquarters, San José, United States
2015 Omroep Max, Hilversum, The Netherlands
2015 Centraal Beheer Achmea, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands
2015 Condé Nast Entertainment, New York City, United States
2015 Elaad, Arnhem, The Netherlands
2015 Elastique, Hilversum, The Netherlands
2015 Netflix Japan Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan