#1 Furniture design meets fashion

Spell teamed up with the talented Dutch fashion photographer Imke Panhuijzen to create a unique campaign.

In my work as a fashion photographer and art-director color is an important element by which you can tell so many 'stories'. 
For me color is a perfect tool to create a particular kind of mood.”
"During this project the most important job was to keep my eyes on the character of the object and add a little bit of poetry”.

Imke Panhuijzen loves to work with ton-sur-ton settings. “Working with colours in this way enables me to subtly merge the designs with the person
who lives in the 'Spell world' and at the same time amplifying the minimalistic and delicate designs".

"For this campaign I choose the -now more than ever- relevant color Rose-Quartz pink.
I see pink as a symbol of the era we are living in. At this moment, we need the softness and escapism this color breathes."

My favourite furniture piece is the Stage Interactive Shelf. This exclusive product combines innovating elegance with Dutch craftsmanship". 

"This product makes me happy now and in the future because it has been built to cope with our ever changing tech devices".

Over the year we will reveal the complete colourful and artistic universe of the campaign, so stay tuned.

Fashion Design: Marianne Pap, Nikki Duijst
Styling: Marieke den Mulder
Hair & Make Up: Loes Peters








#2 Coming Soon