Spell is a design & production company with a deeply-rooted belief in the value of technology & sustainability. Whether we are designing a bespoke interior for an entire project or our private furniture collection, every piece of furniture we make is carefully designed for functionality, beauty and sustainability. Wood has always been a vital core material within the Spell collection. We simply love wood for its appearance, character traits and timelessness. Even as wood ages, the material does so with dignity. The passage of time improves wooden elements and structures. We are very much aware of the impact of our industry on the environment, and we are therefore focused on environmental issues. The origin of our wood, the energy we use in the production and distribution process, and the treatment of the products and circular use.

A responsible and sustainable approach is central to everything we do.


We care not only about our products but also about the entire production process. Our wood is carefully selected and only comes from sustainably managed forests. Because plantations are exploited by rotation and new trees are planted immediately, there is no deforestation, and continuity is guaranteed. Furthermore, we work exclusively with FSC® & PEFC™ certified wood. The oils and lacquers that we use meet the most stringent standards of both our partners and our furniture. We support the idea of a circular economy in which raw materials are reused as much as possible with the least possible use of energy and transport. We are convinced that locally made products can be better managed on quality and flexible in achieving specific wishes.
Our solid wood tables are a good example. These are 100% produced in the Netherlands.


Over the years, we have continuously invested in new technologies in cooperation with our local partners. This enables us to control the entire process, from the selection of the best raw materials to the final production. From sawing and drying the wood to finishing the end product. Both our local partners and we work with reliable and skilled professionals who are passionate about the entire manufacturing process.


Our commitment to the environment is reflected in our FSC® & PEFC™ certifications. In other words, these organisations guarantee that products with these labels come from forests that are managed in such a way that they meet the social, economic and environmental needs of current and future generations. Our mission is to make durable design that leaves a small footprint on earth. We only use sustainable fabrics for our furniture also. For example, we have decided to include a wide collection of Kvadrat fabrics. These materials all have the European environmental label EU Ecolabel


We use smart CNC programming which minimises waste. Production waste, such as leftover residues of tree trunks, wood and sawdust is reused for other purposes. The sawdust from logs is used as fuel for the drying ovens or compressed as a basis for pallets. Smaller and larger parts that are left over after selection and production of our furniture are used for the production of our 'Workplace Essentials' accessories. This makes every product unique.


Many parts of our furniture can be replaced separately, which means that the product can easily be repaired or parts replaced in the event of any damage. (Design to Repair)
This is how we ensure that nothing ends up in the waste bin and that the product will retain its function almost timelessly.


Our furniture can make use of technical innovations such as electrification applications and Qi wireless charging.
By taking future changes into account in the design, they can easily be adapted to the new age without major intervention.


After a long period of intensive use of our solid wood furniture, a new life follows.
Because solid wood can be easily sanded in our factory, it can last for years, with or without the application of a new color finish.
The table looks like new again and can be used for many years to come. 
Spell is pleased to provide you this service.


By using the same parts for multiple product models we create an efficient production line.
For example, the legs of the Catwalker line are interchangeable for all (custom) models.