NEXT Quartz grey

  • An advanced and elegant side table full of innovation.

    A subtle mark on the wooden surface indicates the position to place your smartphone*. Upon placement, a connection will be made instantly and effortlessly.

    Your smart phone will be ready and charged in no time without any cable in sight!

    NEXT is a playful and solid side table, integrating the latest technologies.
    It's versatile size serves a wide range of functions, from standing by a office, home or a dynamic place.

    *notice: All devices in support of Qi wireless charging can be used. When you are in the UK / US, please let us know in the instructions during checkout, so that we can send you the right power plug.

    Delivery time:
     5-6 weeks.

     3D File
    Product Datasheet

  • Material & Finish
    Powder coated steel in fine texture and Oak veneer on MDF.
    The light blue model has a gloss finish on the steel.


    Dimensions & Weight
    Length: 40cm x Width: 23cm x Height: 58cm / 5 kg. 

     3D File
    Product Datasheet

    Maintenance Wood & Steel

  • Shipping prices vary, they are calculated by the amount of your purchase and the country of your purchase destination. You can calculate shipping using the shipping calculator on the cart page. 

    An overview of the shipping costs can be found here.

  • The Next series can be customized to specific finishes and tailored dimensions for your project.

    Custom items can be manufactured based on minimum amounts.
    Please contact us for more information regarding the possibilities.

     3D File
    Product Datasheet

    Maintenance Wood & Steel

    For more 3D files & Highress images please use the Professionals area

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